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The Juice Box

High Gain, all tube, transformerless direct inject.

All Tube, Pure Tone.


The Juice Box employs a unique all tube transformerless circuit design, amplifying electric instruments with depth, clarity, detail, and musicality. It boasts an incredibly low noise floor, amazingly wide frequency response, super high impedance input, and unrivaled distortion specs. We made no compromises when designing the Juice Box, with a fully discrete audio path, robust linear power supply, and all through hole circuitry.

No Preamp? No Problem.

The Juice Box is tube buffered, avoiding unwanted loading caused by effects pedals and amplifiers, and the tube balanced XLR output has enough variable gain to supply a line level signal if desired, negating the need for a preamp. It has an unparalleled sound; clear, punchy, and present without any of the harshness or smallness of other direct boxes.

JB Juno_edited.jpg


  • High Voltage, all tube, transformerless design

  • High impedance ¼” tube buffered input to get the most out of your instrument

  • Balanced XLR output with over 20dBu of variable gain

  • ¼” output for connection to amplifiers

  • Internal linear power supply for stability and reliability

  • +20 variable, 0, and -10 output gain modes

  • Audio ground lift switch

  • Solid Aluminum chassis construction

  • 1 year warranty

Sound Examples

The Juice Box — DI Shootout Test


In 2012 a DI shootout was commissioned by bassist Tony Levin (Paul Simon, John Lennon, King Crimson.)


Known for his attention to detail, musicality, and consistency, Tony recorded the same bass composition through 11 DI’s at Dreamland studios in upstate NY, among them The Juice Box.


To the left is the audio from that shootout, presented blind with a reveal sheet. All audio is direct, played with a Fender Jazz Bass and brought to line level via an API Legacy console.


Click the button below for the DI reveal!

“The Juice Box is my go-to every time for bass DI. I don’t track bass without it! In fact, many studio owners where I have worked have been so blown away by it, they have bought one after I left.


The difference in sound to other tube DI’s is remarkable. On bass, on keys, on guitars, etc, the Juice box sounds as close to micing as you can get. And as a mic pre? Fuggedaboutit! It makes an SM57 sound like a U87! It’s incredible. Buy one, you won’t regret it! And you’ll thank me!”


—John Agnello (Sonic Youth, Kurt Vile, Dinosaur Jr.)

JB Wurli.jpg
Tech Specs



+20 variable, 0, -10 gain switch, audio ground lift

Frequency Response

10Hz-100+KHz +/-1dB

Noise Floor

> -90dBu

Input Impedance






1/4” TS


1/4” TS and Balanced XLR


2.5″H x 6″ W x 12″ D

Operating Voltage

120/240VAC Switchable


.02% THD

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